Wolf Song

 Wolf Song is an animated story I created in high school with the help of many awesome online voice actors. The story revolves around a female wolf named Kara and her brother Alador as they embark on a journey to stop an evil entity known as the Death Alpha. Throughout their adventures, Kara and Aladorencounter interesting companions such as the wolf leader Damien and his pack of loners. This movie is a roller coaster of emotions as the cast experience, friendship, love, betrayal, sadness, defeat, and much more.

Personally, I had a lot of fun creating this movie and I am glad there are people who like it. Some of my best teenage memories are of me working and laughing with voice actors as we tried to bring this thing to life. I must admit that the animation and story-line are inconsistent and amateur, but I have learned a lot from this project and plan to use that knowledge to create more content for anyone willing to watch! I hope you enjoy the movie!

Wolf Song FAQ:

Will there be a second Wolf Song Movie?

I cannot say whether or not I will make a second Wolf Song in the future but as of right now it is not on my to-do-list. I am currently working on other projects and I simply do not have the time, motivation, or resources to make a second Wolf Song Movie, However, I might write the story as a short novel and allow everyone to read it.

How long did it take to make the movie?

 I wrote the script in a few weeks when I was very young, and I started animating it off and on while I was in high school. Overall, I think it took me around 5 years to finish the movie, but keep in mind that I had other responsibilities and I wasn’t working on it 24/7. this does not include the time it took me to learn to animate or come up with character designs.

Why did you make this movie?

I’m inspired by the countless DreamWorks and Pixar movies I watched as a kid. My favorite movies were Balto, Spirit, and The Iron Giant. I looked up to famous animators such as Don Bluth and I wanted to make cool stories like them. I made Wolf Song because it was fun and I wanted to entertain people the same way my childhood Movies entertained me.

What songs did you use for the Movie?

All of the songs in the movie were originally created using FL studios 9. These songs were never named, but I may release the soundtrack on this website in the near future.

What animations software did you use for the movie?

When I first started animating the movie, I was using Photoshop. I later transitioned into using Adobe Flash Cs6 which made life much easier. I currently use Adobe Animate which can get here

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