The Search

The Search 2017 is an animated wolf series on my YouTube channel. The story follows Ash, a young wolf aspiring to claim his own land and become the most influential alpha in the territory. He also must find a way to overpower the most ruthless, well-known alpha in the forest… Xavier.


The story takes place in a mystical forest divided into 5 territories. These territories are the Northern Tundra, The southern swamps, The West Winds, and The Eastern Desert. The forest contains mythical creatures such as dragons, witches, and monsters.


Throughout the show, Ash, accompanied by Cookie, learns what it takes to start a pack of his own from scratch. From the very beginning, the only characters that show any faith in Ash at all are Troy (Ash’s dad) and Stew (a dog that thinks he’s a wolf.) Despite this, Ash is leaking with confidence in his leadership skills and fighting abilities. All the while, Xavier grows more powerful every day as his pack continually expands with more soldiers. With the help of his friends, Ash must find a way to defeat this growing evil in the forest.


The Search – Episode One


While this series falls under the comedy genre, there are scenes with deeper undertones of jealousy, distrust, and self-hatred. Furthermore, this series will leave you laughing historically, crying horrifically, and sometimes even wondering what the hell you’re watching.

Future of the show:

Currently the show is on a brief hiatus in order to perfect the script. I plan for this series to be a total of 12 episodes with each episode ranging anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes. Their is only one episode out right now, but I plan for the second episode to come out in 2019. Once the script is completely finalized, the episodes should come out a lot faster.

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